Fight fires, not software.

Stationwise is fire department scheduling, simplified.

Track certifications and overtime, conduct shift trades, and manage your daily schedule—all without worrying about payroll when you’re finished.

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Simple scheduling for complex staffing rules

A modern roster tailored to your department

View each firefighter’s rank, qualifications, and availability at a glance. Schedule based on your department’s unique rules and union policies (even when they change).

Mission critical info wherever you need it

Check staffing assignments and request time off in seconds. Manage shift trades, track sick days, and view your place on staffing lists wherever the job takes you.

Payroll without the headache

Digital time cards make your department’s payroll a breeze. Whether you’re fighting wildfires or completing a paid training, export timesheets so you never input the wrong pay code again.

Founded by the son of a 2nd generation fire captain

I’m Marcus, and this is my dad, Courtney. As a firefighter’s kid, I’m honored to serve the selfess community that raised me.

The fire service provided my dad, uncles, and grandpa with fulfilling careers. I grew up inspired by their example.

Starting Stationwise has allowed me to connect with the family business and to honor my late grandpa’s legacy. I help firefighters spend more time doing the work they love, and I’m pretty fired up about it (pun intended).

Shift scheduling is our first priority, but that’s only the beginning. Fill out our form and I’ll reach out personally to upgrade your department.


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