Fight fires, not software.

Integrate your department with one “firefighter proof” staffing platform.
Staff according to your custom rules
Eliminate email and group text
Automate payroll and budgeting
Integrate with everything at no extra cost
What started as a Stanford research project has evolved into my take on the family business, and I couldn’t be more fired up (pun intended).
Marcus Edwards
Founded by the son of a 2nd-gen fire captain

"For me, firefighting is the family business"

My dad, late grandpa, and uncles are all career firefighters.

Stationwise was born during my time at Stanford business school. I hoped to answer the question: “What is the future of US fire departments?”

I traveled to conferences across the country. I asked Fire Chiefs what kept them up at night. For a surprising number, technology was the answer.

Even departments with the latest equipment often rely on decades-old software. I founded Stationwise to build the best Silicon Valley tech for underserved public servants.

How it works

Custom staffing to meet your rules

Staff with your unique rules

We handle it all. Union rules, voluntary and mandatory overtime, shift trades, certifications, strike teams—you name it.

View labor spend in real-time

We monitor every labor dollar and hour for you. Get instant visibility into the 80-90% of your department’s budget that goes to payroll and benefits.
Keep your overtime budget on target
Track read receipts, resend as needed

Replace email and group text forever

One source of truth for department communications. Smart messages track when users have read or completed tasks.

Use on the go—for labor and management

Every feature is built for mobile. Our firefighter-proof design saves time (and headaches) for everyone from probie to Chief.
Ditch the forms (and the desk)

Fire Chiefs choose Stationwise over tools they’ve used for decades. Why?

Real humans, real support

Constant access to your department’s unique rules and technology expert. When an admin chief retires, we’ll train their successor.

We integrate everything

Your software platform needs a foundation. Integrate with CAD, RMS, payroll, email, and anything else you need (at no extra cost).

“Set and forget” pricing

We price by battalion, not user. Never worry about new users (or stations) raising your rates again.
Fight fires, not software

Your department
needs         a team
not just a tool

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